Citizens hired Cooperative Building Solutions(CBS) to evaluate all of their facilities and to make recommendations on how to best utilize their facilities while improving efficiency, functionality, responsiveness, and customer service. Cooperative Building Solutions evaluated the physical conditions, functionality and space needs for each existing facility as well as combining the information into an overall evaluation of Citizens Electric’s facilities. The square footage needs were evaluated along with functionality and efficiency, and a recommendation of combining and centralizing administrative and customer service functions along with enhanced service facilities at the northern and southern ends of the territory provided the blend of facilities that will best leverage the assets of Citizens Electric while providing a high level of service for its members.

The result of this recommendation was to build three new facilities one of which was this new 52,679 sq. ft. service center located in Ste. Genevieve, MO. Each facility includes office, warehouse, vehicle storage, separate maintenance buildings and a pole yard component. Each of these facilities has been designed to improve functionality of the operations, incorporate low maintenance building materials and utilize energy efficiency building systems. Examples of these improvements include: installation of a ground source heat pump system to heat and cool the facilities, spray foam insulation at all exterior walls, motion sensors in rooms to control lighting, brick facades at office buildings, standing seam metal roofs and 100% generator back up capability.