Central Electric Power Cooperative is the transmission cooperative for eight of the distribution cooperatives in Missouri. The facility is located on a relatively small site bordered by Highway 54, surrounded by other developments, and comprised of a substantial amount of change in topography. All of these factors necessitated a two story solution to maximize the cooperative’s current needs and provide the ability to expand on the site in the future.

Each level is 17,780 square feet and is situated to allow access on grade from both the upper and lower levels. The material warehouse is on the upper level locating it closest to the existing materials and the vehicles and equipment are on the lower level which provides them the best access to the roadways. A new drive lane connects the upper and lower levels and provides a second gated vehicular entry on the site which will relieve congestion and improve traffic flow. The existing backup power system for the facility was relocated into the lower level of the new facility providing a secure and durable location below grade to protect it from potential storm damage.