Cuivre River Electric Cooperative

render 1 04-15-19
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Cuivre River Progress – Dec- 2019-2
Cuivre River Progress – Dec- 2019-5
Cuivre River Progress – Dec- 2019-7
Cuivre River Progress – Dec- 2019-10

Project Description:

Cuivre River Electric Cooperative is in the process of adding to its existing facility in Troy, Missouri. A facility study found that the current facility wasn’t as efficient as it could be. The study also concluded that the facility did not provide enough space for employees and future growth. Improvements are currently being made to improve access for customers and give Cuivre River Electric Cooperative room to grow.

The project consists of a new two-story office building, an addition to the existing warehouse, and new vehicle and material storage buildings. PARIC is making modifications to the existing warehouse with associated site-work. 

Project Size: 63000 sq.ft.

Project Location: Troy, MO